Thank you for being in touch, it's lovely to hear you have our Ride. As these are all-round family boards, the flexible fins are a really important part of the design. We make the fins malleable on purpose so that they can withstand family fun/children jumping on the boards on the beach and taking a bit of a battering. The fin material becomes malleable when warm and re-sets, this means they are not brittle and won't break, but also that they can easily be re-set if they do bend.

A bend in your fin won't actually make a difference to your tracking, however, if you would like to correct the bend - it is quite simple to do. You can watch a video on how to do it here:

Below are also some instructions, but you can also do this with a hairdryer, or leaving it out in the sun on a hot day and it does just the same.

1) Boil a kettle and leave it for about 5 minutes

2) Fill one mixing bowl with the  boiled water and another with cold water

3) Submerge the bent fin in the hot water bowl and leave it for a minute or so

4) Remove it and then correct the bend in the fin with your hands (be careful if the water is still hot)

5) Plunge the fin in the cold water to set it back in position

6) Repeat if necessary 

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.

Happy Paddling,