Your board comes with a set of colour matched patches that are suitable for your board. Due to shipping/storage legislation, we do not send the repair kits out with glue. 

For small repairs under 50mm, we recommend using Loctite 401 as it sets quickly and is super strong.

If you have PVC repair glue, this is also suitable for repairs up to 50mm. Follow the instructions from the next solution if you have this type of glue. 

Instructions for patching your board using Loctite 401:

 (Always follow your glue manufacturer's guidance, but here are some Red specific tips to help repair your board effectively.

1) Inflate the board to 15 psi if the board is holding air.

2) Clean the area to be glued - ideally with some acetone or nail polish remover (it works the same). Keep the acetone far away from any screen prints on the board as this will wash the colour straight off.  

3) Cut the patch to size. It wants to be double the size of the damage and ideally, it should be a circle (use a template to get a neat line). Corners are a bad idea as they peel off more easily. 

4) Mark where you are aiming to place the patch and tape around the perimeter to avoid glue spreading onto the deck of the board. (best to use pencil for this)

5) Apply a thin layer of glue to the patch. Leave a gap of 2-3mm from the edge, to allow for it to spread out. Loctite works best with a thin layer, so do not put in more glue than necessary.  
5) Line the patch up and push the surfaces together, making sure no air is trapped. Push down hard onto the piece you are gluing. Pushing from the centre out to the edge. Ideally, you need to push hard enough to squeeze a small amount of glue out of the edge of the piece you are gluing so using a metal spoon protect your thumbs and apply pressure is a good idea. 

7) Keep applying force to the area to make sure all areas are well stuck down. You will need to work hard on the area for about 5 mins. 

8 Place a heavy weight on the area and leave for 8 hrs. 
9) Leave to dry for 24 hours before using. 



Where do I get spares and replacement parts? 

We have a well-stocked spares site where you can find spares and replacement parts for all our gear. You can find the site here:   

If you can’t find what you need or we are out of stock and you need some help, then please be in touch with our friendly Customer Services team on