Firstly, you need to inflate your board. The more pressure you put in, the more obvious the leak will be, we recommend inflating to around 20psiSlowly and very carefully work your way around the board, applying soapy water as you go and looking for any air bubbles. A good place to start is around the inflation valve, then check all along the rails of the board, before searching the top and bottom decks. 

Once you have found the leak, you can attempt to repair it: 

- If the leak is around your valve, then you simply need to tighten it up using your valve tool. Check out our How to tighten your board valve article to find out how.

- If there is a small leak, then you should be able to seal this. Email us a video of the leak (with soapy water) on and we will let you know what will work for you

- If you would like a professional repair you can always approach a PVC RIB/Boat repairer near you for help. 

- If you would like our help to diagnose your issue, then reach out to our customer service team on