Our Multi Pump Adapters have been designed to help with pumping up your board a little faster or if you need an extra hand with pumping. 

Our Multi Pump Adapters come fitted with two non return valves. You will need to remove one of these valves in order for the adapter to work.

Place your palm onto the grey section of the adapter and turn this clockwise to unscrew. If this is a little difficult or fiddly, you can use the end of the hose of the pump, connect it up and twist. This will allow you to release the threads -  you can then unscrew the rest with your hand. Once the grey section has been removed, use your fingers to hold onto the black rubber stalk. Pull this out, (the non return valve) you will also see a very small o ring which you need to remove but keep hold of.

Reassemble by replacing just the grey section of the pump re-screwing this back into the adapter. You're then good to go with screwing your adapter into your valve and pumping your board using your Titan and electric pump at the same time.