We have two different types of leashes, our coiled leash (that comes standard as part of our packages) for flat water paddle boarding and our straight leash which is good for SUP surfing/catching waves. 

When attaching your leash, first of all, make sure all of the velcro is apart. Here you will find that you have a loop of string attached to the velcro. Thread this material through the D ring that is located at the back of the board, popping the knot through itself and creating a larks head knot around the D ring! Secondly, make sure the velcro is all undone, pass the velcro through the string loop, secure the velcro, making sure you're finishing with the piece of velcro that has a flat edge. Finally, you have a secure leash that is attached to the string and D ring! you're ready to paddle! 

Your leash is a really important piece of safety equipment. Before heading out to the water, we strongly recommend checking that your leash is in a good working condition, and it is attached properly to your board.