The Titan 2 is compact, can be neatly packed away and is very easy to set up. 

To use your Titan 2 pump, firstly take the handle from the side of the pump and thread it through the top and lay the feet flat on the ground. 

The pump hose has the same connection both ends, so either end is ok to attach to the pump. When attaching the hose, line up the grove on the end of the hose nozel with the 12 o'clock position on the pump, push it in with a little force and lock it clock wise to be closed.

Make sure the exhaust lever is fully back towards you. As you start pumping, you will reach about 5-6 psi and you will feel air start to exhaust from the side of the pump. This is totally normal.

We recommend full strokes for maximum efficiency when pumping up your board! Once the pumping becomes too difficult and tiring to use, push the lever to the side forward. This means that you're just using the rear chamber of the pump. You can now pump up to 20psi and beyond! 

Once you have finished pumping, disconnect the hose, remove the handle and place back onto the side of the pump so this doesn't get lost, switch the exhaust lever back and fold up the feet.