You will be thankful to know that your Pro Change Robe does not need washing after every use (unless of course it gets covered in mud!) Due to its waterproof outer shell fabric washing should be limited as much as possible, the same as with any other outdoor waterproof clothing.

Never expose the changing robe to heat sources of any kind. The inner lining will not handle drying next to a heat source as it could lose its warming and quick-drying properties, that is why we would strongly suggest always hanging your waterproof changing robe or laying it flat to dry. The Red Original Pro Change Robe is machine washable and will retain its waterproof properties and longevity if the guidelines below are followed. We recommend using Grangers performance wash to restore and enhance the technical fabrics. 

Pro Change Robe Washing Instructions

  • Wash your change robe inside out - this is to try and combat ageing the outer shell of the waterproof garment
  • A gentle or delicate machine wash at a maximum of 30 degrees. However, the safest, and best technique would be to wash your hooded changing robe by hand
  • Do not hot wash, dry clean, or iron!
  • It is extremely important to use a non-bio powder
  • Refrain from using fabric conditioner
  • After the spin cycle, hang or lay flat and dry at room temperature - do not tumble dry!

It is worth noting that as you wear and wash your change robe, the waterproof coating may gradually get worn away. This isn’t a problem, however, as it’s quick and easy to top it up. We recommend Grangers performance repel plus - just spray on after cleaning and air dry!