If you're looking to upgrade your paddle to something a little more lightweight and well suited to longer paddling journeys, we recommend taking a look at the below:

Hybrid Tough

This paddle has a carbon shaft. Carbon is a more performance based material, which means this is much more lightweight - the carbon content helps with a more efficient and more effective paddle stroke, helping to reduce the level of fatigue when paddling. 

This has a tough, nylon blade that is a very robust. For paddlers whose focus is on durability, this is a great blade option for lots of different locations e.g rocky beaches and shorelines. The perfect choice for family fun paddleboarding and sharing with friends! This is available in blue or purple.

Prime Carbon

This paddle includes a higher level of carbon content throughout the paddle shaft, which means the paddle is more lightweight and works efficiently with the paddler. This helps you paddle more effectively throughout the draw of the paddle stroke. This is a great option for paddlers who are focused on speed and efficiency on the water: those hoping to up their game or those entering into the sport knowing they would like to paddle longer distances, making the most of every paddle stroke and maximising their efficiency when out on the water.

The Carbon blade is a teardrop design with a scooped shape. This allows water to flow evenly from each side of the blade, creating a smooth and stable stroke. This is the perfect blade option if you're looking to paddle longer distances and if your focus is performance and efficiency. This is available in either blue or purple. 

Ultimate Ultra Lightweight 

This is our ultimate performance paddle, made from a high modulus Japanese carbon. This has a higher grade of carbon which is more lightweight and responsive, making this is a featherlight paddle option. The paddle delivers minimal resistance and maximises your power output throughout your paddle stroke. 

This is a great option for paddlers who are really looking to move further and faster! The square-shaped blade and narrower profile enables you to get the paddle closer to the board - keeping the paddle stroke more vertical, improving board tracking and efficiency. This is available as a 3 piece, 2 piece (vario) or fixed option.